austin, texas family photographer: the jones family!

the jones were so fun & easy to photograph. i lost track of time during the shoot and the need to control or offer much direction (which i love!). we explored AMOA Laguna Gloria (one of my favorite places to shoot in austin!!) and because they were so relaxed and go-with-the-flow, i was able to capture authentic and fun moments between them. 

california road trip part I

you are probably asking yourself, "why does one drive over 1,300 miles with a 2 year old?" well i'm happy to answer that for you.

i have NO freaking clue why. 

BUT i can tell you, that although there were tears shed [mostly mine] and nerves frazzled [this is an understatement] , this was one [mostly] fun adventure, the 3 of us will never forget.

here are a few snaps from our trip out via marfa, tucson, palm springs & finally los angeles! 

sisterdale, texas wedding photographer: megan and zach

megan was my roommate in college and honestly one of the sweetest souls i've ever met. it had been a few years since we'd seen or talked to one another but when she asked me to photograph her wedding, i ecstatically said yes! and it was SO fun to see her again, meet her adorable son oliver and watch her become a mrs. to the love of her life. then i danced at her reception like i was a guest while snapping some photos. congrats megan and zach, thank you SO much for this opportunity and for letting me capture your wedding- you two are just meant to be!

austin, texas maternity photographer: robyn + justin

i am so excited to finally share photos from robyn and justin's maternity session! aren't these two just gorgeous and blonde and perfect for one another?! kinsley, you've got some pretty darn good genes going for you!

i don't have nieces or nephews so when my best gal pal since 7th grade,  robyn told me she was pregnant, one of my first thoughts was "i get to be a pseudo aunt!!!!" and what's even more fun is we grew up in the same neighborhood in laporte, tx and now we live super in austin. so i  am PUPMED i'll be able to visit miss kinsley on the regular and that our girls will grow up together and obviously be best friends too. 

i love you 3!