new news!!

"invent a new reason to get out of bed, like a bolt of lightning struck your head, like a pistol fired and youre off to the races, like it's down to the wire and you're holding aces, like every day is a brand new page, or a perfect wave, or a well lit stage. make up a reason, or go out and find one, borrow a reason, or burrow and mine one. build one from reasons leftover and broken, from reasons too quiet or reasons unspoken, or ones that are snug, or ones that were written on walls in small letters that were meant to be hidden. cobble a reason and call it your own or share it with those who've been left all alone, or scream it or dream it as loud as can be, or whisper it softly to all that you see. imagine a reason, one reason my dear and you'll find that that reason's the reason you're here." -dallas clayton

i've been realllllly torn about starting a style blog for 2 reasons.
1— although, i love blogs and fashion, i know that they are just clothes and it's all trivial in the scheme of life.
2— i was waiting for the perfect words. i haven't written in months (lots of months) and feel so out of practice, the fear of imperfection was a bit paralyzing. and some days after work and wrangling lope, my brain feels like total and utter mush. 

BUT. i've come to the conclusion that. i. just. don't [or can't]. care. i'm going to have fun and do what makes my heart happy. imperfect and all. SO. friends [with a little supportive nudge from my husband and friends] i'm launching a style focused blog in the next month or so!!! for now here's fun little test shoot i did with my (super talented and lovely) pal katie jameson.

[apologies in advance if you are reading this in a colder climate. because, yes. i really did wear a short romper the other day. and i could again today.]

oh yeah. that last one's a keeper. 

romper— zara
booties — aldo [haven't been in this store since college but they are stepping up their game!!]
sunglasses— madewell
necklace— madewell 
lips— bite in quince
nails— deborah lippmann